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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Trying again

Ideally i should be studying for the placements for the internships especially during such hard times for poor B school students who entered with high dreams but now settling with the more realistic salary figures. But here I am (nice song by bryan adams) aspiring again to be a known blogger. Thats what i like about myself....i tend to do the opposite of what others around do...I have realized this lately that when others are having fun, i go serious with studies or similar stuff but when others are slogging (for end terms or placements), Parag Mehra tends to do the unexpected. Perhaps this is the cause of my average grades (now average ..earlier they were low...so thanks to ADMAP)

Anyways today I introspected and conclusion was I have been smiling very less. Deep down I developed myself to remain calm but this self correction got to an undesired degree which turned me into stone faced, serious guy which I am not. Smile is an asset which needs to be cherished. Infact it use to be forte at one time. Somewhere in this competitive surroundings I unconsciously developed the notion that seriousness is an essential trait of BIGGIES (ya even I aspire to be one). But it is not true. We need to smile, we need to joke around, we need to talk a lot. It doesn't matter if all that makes no sense but do that in front of your friends. I need not be one of those serious guys who are boring company to people around.

GOAL 1: Adopt 3 S (Uh...structure thinking...MBA). Speak, Smile and Sanguine

Yesterday I went to a penthouse. I rang the bell and servant opened the door, directed me to the luxurious guest room with all mahogany woodwork, murals of Hussain, Goswami and others with exquisite Indian classical music collection on a shelf nearby and a huge display of books and novels. I was in awe with the owner, who has got a taste for art. I waited for 5 minutes carefully admiring the house. Then he came downstairs---seems like an composed guy, cheerful by his looks, his presence shows nothing like arrogance. Carefully watching I realized that he looks like somebody I know very well. But i was not able to recall.

No problem...I spoke to him for sometime and then he courteously asked to have homemade laddo and halwa. I can die for such things especially after vrindi, mess and shree krishna food which has killed my taste buds.
Note: All the non S.P Jain junta ...these are 3 most economical and available local restaurants for us.

Halwa and ladoos were incomparable to anything I have had in the past few months after coming back from home. They tasted just like my home. When I was about to leave he smilingly asked me to meet his family. I said "my pleasure". Then came out my mother, father and another beautiful lady. HUHA..Now I noticed it hard enough that this guy is me....mua...So this is a dream. The worst part of a dream is the moment you realize that you are dreaming....best portions of it start to fade off.....so then I came back to my hostel bed..woke up and saw my roomies sleeping. But I enjoyed the trip.
NOTE: That beautiful lady ....another dream..will talk about it later :)


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My last entry here ..the number 50th one :) ( it really feels great when nobody is reading my space and my efforts are bearing some fruits ..read comments ...after soo much insistence and persuance even using force on my colleagues in office to read my blog) have got 5 comments as of now . Some of the comments are really adding value to the discussion I raised in the blog.

There are some mind boggling problems all around us on individual level as well as for the nation . My aim is to just draw the facts, no opinions ( even if i am inclined towards any ...the reasoning should be rational...and it should be presented strongly but not adamantly). I believe few are soo much entangled that it is least possible to come to a conclusion but writing it here and ofcourse forcing everybody( else nobody wants to look on the darker sides and is contended with his own small world which after some time turns him complacent) will get some inputs which can infact built a what i can call opinion pool where just by sharing our ideas we can ENLIGHTEN ourselves

I have just returned from my team party.

Not feeling to write anymore

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Tujhe pata hai......(aricent EP2 discussion)

Please dont think on the topic too much ...you wont get anything conclusive ...as expected:)

Today I saw a banner advertising for a kindergarden. The advertisement had all the keywords such as learning,fun games,etc etc ...(well actually i can help them coining really good catchy phrases but they are not paying me so I wont write them here .....hehe another reason can be that I am not able to recollect them) .There was one phrase that caught my eye ....the building is built on DDA land...for all the non delhites, although I assume that they can recall the MCD drive which is hovering on all news channels and somewhere has not been tackled properly by our media, but might not relate to it with deserving compassion.Infact I believe even delhites not directly been affected by it do not understand the gravity of the problem..... yahaan peit ka sawaal hai. I think the banner provides an example of the penetration of some controversial decisions, affecting all our thinking process , modulates our acceptance level of anything remotely connected to the issue.
Lets put some facts first
We all agree that planning of the capital has gone haywire. Infact there is no planning visible
visible,there are commercial entities sprouting in every residential area.Is that what we expect to project to the whole world , we are expecting to be induced in the united nation security council, a business hub of the world ( more precisely offshore service hub) where business executives visit often and complain about the degraded, messy infrastructure and take back this belief to their country. So when the time arises when India looses its low cost advantage then all our business allies would turn to say african continent who are yet to realize or should i say reap the profits. We need to project ourselves as a incredible country with credible business friendly nation. Dont we get the first image of a place by its visual likability ( i dont whether that word exist). We all sing praises of phoren country because it is well planned.
Hence we need to uproot the weeds from our crops

Now the million dollar question is whether the weeds and so deep rooted that they cannot be pulled out wiithout affecting the plant itself. The small shops , small departmantal stores, saree shops , book store ......other innumerable dukane in the residential areas are running well and are feeding ( here feeding implies prosperous) whole families. I agree that the families are or with god's grace will never starve for food but therewould definately be few upheavels in their lives and chances are that there will be a considerable fall in their standard of living.
Believe me being poor doesn't hurt any human that much when the misery is compared to that of becoming poor from being rich . Its the fall that hurts you the most.I have heard several stories where the whole families are ruined because their shops were sealed and they had no other alternative source of earnings

I believe these are facts and perhaps i have missed some ......this can go for ever. I finfd myself incapable of arriving to a decision. When I put these fors and against on a weight balance , I dont know which side is heavier but for our country holding the weight balance itself seems tiring and frustrating. I wish there is some miracle and we get everything without suffering much.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pehchaan kaun???........edited

The tale began from 1940 when he graduated in physics and joined the Tata group. He was not at all happy with the way his career was moving , had an inclination towards becoming nuclear scientist but here he was stuck with tata steel where dissatisfaction gripped him. So breaking the bonds he applied for further studies , won a scholarship but for dairy engineering . Resisted hard , tried convincing the education officer (then a british) but to no avail. He completed his degree in dairy engineering when he had no interest in the field. He returned to india where his supervisors wished him to join the government job. here also it was high tide for him because he requested to be released from the bond ( which came with the scholarship) but there was something pulling him in the seemingly uninterested dark pit. He was left with no choice but to join the job offered. For continously 8 months he kept writing letters to department secretary where he expalined his frustrations from this unproductive job and in the end government accepted his resignation. When he was ready to leave the dairy department his senior requested him to stay for a short while .This short stay stretched for months and then years . he became the head of the department and we all are proud on him.
This man is Dr Verghese Kurien

Amazed with the unsettling turns in his life .....where fate was working with its full intensity....took him where he can do his best...
nothing to comment ..***************.just pondering whether it happens with everybody...i wonder that when it comes to me i can identify the opportunities on time and can do justice with it.

*************** One of my friend told me that there was nothing to comment in the blog because there are no insights on the topic ...and i feel the same that its a mere factual description. I now remember why i didn't elaborate on it ....i was missing 5.30 bus . This opportunity comes rarely and to me after some 2 weeks of continous misery in the lab. hence i traded it with an incomplete blog entry
but compensating for it ....let me share my thoughts
We all are often advised that planning is what is required to fulfill all the dreams . But my experience tells me that there are situations when all your planning takes a U turn and strikes back on you . In such situations, when nothing is going your way I recall these words " when we dream of something ,the whole universe conspires to help us realize our dreams"
So I thing even if odds are against you .....dont get bogged down ...hold on ...
This is the least we can do because when quit , we unnecessarily gets entangled into idleness and depression which only worsens the situation.Such an act stretches the time to be pulled out of the swamp.
On a lighter node...just dont take life too seriously
Some times you are ahead , sometimes you are behind
Don't berate yourself too much , neither congratulate yourself because all your success and failure are half chanced

Note : Please dont take me seriously because at present its a battle being fought and i am the general..after all its my life :) . So for the readers take a chill ....enjoy the frigid breeze (interesting oxymoron :) and BE HAPPY
I guess i should start telling jokes here in the end of all my blogs :)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


philanthropy is the word thats in the mind of everybody (that includes me as well) when going to a blind school or an orphanage . But it often strikes me that are we really helping them or helping ourselves. Is it not our inflated ego that is amplified when we see somebody genuflecting before us. The idea is to get the feeling of being absolute ...GOD...same centuries old ,unreachable human dream . In the end we realize that it is we who were at mercy of the other people. It just takes pico seconds ( thats my style :) ) and table is turned .

I think our country baskets very high percentage of poverty stricken even with our centuries old culture and values of daan punn because somewhere we don't intend to remove the necessatous and just wish to complete a ritual.The approach i support is that we should still be doing it for ourselves but with broadening our thinking , with a belief that it is our aim of life which needs to be fulfilled like all other wishes.
just a vague thought ...u can disagree till you realize the same :)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

money can't buy life ...HAh

They say money can't buy life .....WRONG
My experiences teach me that its the money buying the minutes of life (derived from Minutes of Meeting). Recently my brother fell ill and was to be operated for the kidney stones . He has been bearing the pain time and again , but everytime these CaCO3( :) its high time to revise chemistry buddy) would flow out after several sessions of nature calls. This time they somewhere got blocked and according to doctors , this was putting strain on his kidneys . mamu .....plagiarism from munnabhai mbbs ... advised us for immediate operation . It was to be a small , hardly 20 minutes operation where patients can go out the very next day. There was an estimation of at most 15 grands . So we were expecting quite a few facilities from the nursing home. and yes there were free snacks ....khichhdi for the patient and yes video highlights of the operation for the family ...which we assumed was to defeat the chances of any lawsuit by patients family in future claiming negligence or superficial approach

The operation went well , my brother was kept under observation in the nursing home for a day Next day the hospital bill arrived ...and wow it was of 40 thousand ....we tried haggling with the doctor but our efforts turned out zilch...ultimately we paid the whole amount .
Later dad commented that khichhdii costed us 5000 , and a tea from their cafetaria 500

The question arises that we had the money so we got the service, but what about those daily wage earners , the rikshaw puller , infact this amount can dry all the bank accounts of a low middle class family . So if a family member falls ill life is doomed for them.What are they expected to do ...become john abhrahim of DHOOM or hrithik roshan of dhoom 2.
Send me your prefrences

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

ignorance is BLISS?

This is a story of a young , inexperienced boy, leading his life under the tutelage of his ministers ,no knowledge of the outside world , living in his own little , peaceful pond (kuuen ka mandak).This boy had the knack of procrastrinating anything disturbing to his kingdom. Then suddenly there were kaale badal all over , when few of the visitors to this pond told about a world outside his limits , beyond his reach ( atleast for the time being) . Still being the king , the rex's urge pushed him to enter into this challenge and expand his limits to the new horizons. Although his pupils discouraged him from leaving his territory ( it's questionable whether they had doubts on his capabilties or they were satisfied with his rule then and there) to the distant ,seemingly unconquerable destination.He fought valiantly , his first battle , couldn't win the pride he was aiming for , again another battle , this time barely managed to conquer some of the new fertile land where he dreamt to build his evolving empire. He wasted 4 years , realizing that the land is infertile and is not worth tilling . So again he jumped for the search of distant lands. He fought once , he fought twice , while just on the verge of winning , for some unfathomable reason ( to him) he lost it .

Thats the story of a king who is still on a lookout for his turf...where he finds the happiness .

I think the king should continue on his long voyage , without expecting too much but enjoying his adventures and adding them in his experiences. I read it somewhere that even if you fail more than once in the same task , it still adds something . Like an analogy - Once somebody asked Ghandhiji , why he keeps uttering RAM again and again , isn't it sufficient calling God once Gandhiji asked him why is there any need to climb 10 stairs to get to the top floor isn't one stair sufficient , similarily chanting God's name again and again raises the human higher in life. I drew this analogy with the king's life where he keeps fighting again and again irrespective of the defeats.